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Dr. Goodall appeared before the California State Senate today, introduced by Senator Fran Pavley, AB32’s author. Pavley reminded those present of Goodall’s tireless work to promote environmental conservation. Dr. Goodall delivered remarks in praise of the landmark climate legislation and in particular, in support of the forthcoming forest protection provisions. Her visit came at a moment when State legislators were engaged in intense budget negotiations, and all involved considered it a welcome respite. Both Republican and Democratic members complimented Dr. Goodall for inspiring their interest in protecting our environment and the world’s biodiversity. As one key staffer noted, “it was great to see members who are ordinarily not strong supporters of climate change policy, or worse, outright deniers, who were clearly star-struck to be in her presence and wanting her autograph, picture, etc.” In addition to reminding senators of the continuing need to support climate protection measures, Dr. Goodall’s visit to the Senate served to underscore the connection between California’s legislation and its positive impact on forests as far away as Tanzania.

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, addresses the California Senate

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, addresses the California Senate

Following the meeting with the California State Senate, Dr. Goodall was received by newly-elected Governor Jerry Brown, his wife/advisor, Anne Gust Brown (and their dog Sutter). The nearly hour-long meeting offered a perfect opportunity to reinforce the critical message that the Brown Administration must continue the excellent work by the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF). Dr. Goodall’s connection to this forest protection climate initiative dates back to her last visit to Sacramento in October 2010. In a meeting with AD Partners and Dr. Goodall, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger personally proposed that Tanzania’s Kigoma region be included as a partner with the other international tropical states and provinces that have been a part of the sub-national collaboration with California. Dr. Goodall’s message to Governor Brown was simply to “stay the course” so that these fragile rainforests around the world may be protected. As Jane put it, “it was a very good day for protecting the world’s biodiversity”…and clearly a good first step toward continuing the good work of the prior administration.

In addition to the above meetings, AD Partners hosted a lunch featuring Dr. Goodall with California Environmental Protection Secretary Linda Adams, key members of the California Air Resources Board and other administration officials. This lunch served as an opportunity to compliment and encourage California’s visionary climate change leaders for embarking on a process toward establishing the first REDD market in the world.

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