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AD Partners publishes HuffPost editorial on corporate conservationists while at WEF

By Jeff Horowitz, Founder, Avoided Deforestation Partners; Co-Producer of “Years of Living Dangerously."

As part of its coverage of the proceedings in Davos, Huffington Post published an op-ed written by founder and executive director of AD Partners, Jeff Horowitz. By demonstrating the far-reaching consequences of embracing CEOs as environmental leaders, Horowitz puts fort both a call to action and a challenge to conventional perspectives. REPOSTED FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST’S WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM BLOG (JANUARY 22, 2015) With the close of yet another UN… Read more

Connecting the Dots: from Christmas Cookies to Climate Change

Commentary by Jeff Horowitz, Founder, Avoided Deforestation Partners and co-producer, “Years of Living Dangerously“

Just before Christmas 2014, MongaBay, one of the most widely read and well-respected forest-climate online publications, released an editorial by ADP founder Jeff Horowitz elucidating how the groceries we buy contribute to the destruction of forests.  Harrison Ford checking out everyday products to see which ones contain palm oil? Not exactly the high-octane activity we associate with an adventurer like Ford…so what gives? Ford cares about the ingredients used to make… Read more

ADP participates in IUCN 10th Anniversary World Parks Congress meeting in Australia

Interview with Jeff Horowitz, ADP founder, regarding his experience with the "Years of Living Dangerously" television series

In the fall of 2014, ADP was invited to participate in the World Parks Congress hosted by IUCN, a once-a-decade global forum with over 5,000 participants from over 140 countries. The forum assesses the future of the planet’s resources and protected lands. The following interview is reposted from the IUCN’s “Resources” page. IUCN: Why is it important for people to understand the connection between forests, deforestation and climate change? And… Read more

A huge win for forests and our climate! Years of Living Dangerously wins 2014 Emmy Award for Best Documentary Series!

Los Angeles, CA: Last August, the “ Years of Living Dangerously” team won the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series. AD Partners’ founder, Jeff Horowitz, was a co-producer for the series, and we are so pleased that television’s highest accolade was given to a program about climate change! Congratulations to Executive Producers David Gelber and Joel Bach for their vision to create a television series that brings… Read more

Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” premieres April 13th! Watch a Sneak Preview Here!

Join us for the first episode of Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” with story correspondent Harrison Ford! As reported earlier, AD Partners has been working on a major media project, an eight part Showtime docu-series on climate change called “Years of Living Dangerously,” with Executive Producers James Cameron, Jerry Weintraub and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Years” combines the blockbuster storytelling styles of Hollywood’s top movie makers with 60 Minutes’ Joel Bach, David Gelber and Solly Granatstein’s reporting expertise to reveal… Read more

Major Corporations Bring Climate Change Commitments to the White House

In the Roosevelt Room of the White House, a group of major international corporate leaders led by Unilever’s CEO Paul Polman met with President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, US AID Administrator Raj Shah, and officials from the Council on Environmental Quality to explore synergies between corporate commitments and the U.S. Government’s strategies to combat climate change. This landmark meeting brought together key members of business, banking, government, and civil… Read more

ADP to Serve as Associate Producer for Showtime® TV Series “Years of Living Dangerously”

Avoided Deforestation Partners is pleased to announce that we are joining up with an extraordinarily talented team to produce SHOWTIME’s upcoming series, “Years of Living Dangerously,” which explores the human impact of climate change. The project’s executive producers are acclaimed Hollywood filmmakers James Cameron and Jerry Weintraub, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger; managing producers are Emmy award-winning 60 Minutes veterans Joel Bach, David Gelber and Solly Granatstein. ADP will assist… Read more

'; ADP Event Co-Host Sir Richard Branson

ADP Rio+20 Event Co-Hosted by Dr. Jane Goodall & Sir Richard Branson

AD Partners is pleased to have brokered an important strategic alliance between the U.S. Government and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), an organization representing 400 leading CEOs with $3.1 trillion in commodities. As industry leaders, the CGF understands that resource depletion is a looming concern that will pose a threat to all of us, given our planet’s finite agricultural land, forests and water. In particular, they realize the enormous value… Read more

'; Dr. Jane Goodall greets UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

ADP Hosts High-Level Forest-Climate COP17 Event

Advancing Public Private Partnerships for REDD+ and Green Growth

COP 17 marked a significant moment in the UNFCCC process. The Parties achieved several substantial outcomes, including agreeing to a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol and launching the Green Climate Fund. They also set 2015 as the date by which the international community will adopt a global agreement with ambitious targets for all Parties, including the United States and the major developing countries, that would enter into force… Read more

'; Event Host Datuk Sam Mannan, Director of Sabah Forestry Dept.

ADP Founder Speaks at International Conference to Protect Borneo’s Rainforests

AD Partners was pleased to participate in “Shaping and Nurturing Sabah’s Future Together,” an international gathering highlighting pathways to protect some of the most vulnerable, pristine rainforests in the world. Datuk Sam Mannan, Director of Sabah Forestry Department, hosted the meeting. Under his leadership, tremendous gains have been made with regard to the protection of Malaysia’s first-growth, centuries-old rainforests. He helped to initiate  “Forever Sabah,” a program that is viewed as a model… Read more